9 Airport Essentials You Need in Your Carry-On

Whether you’re jumping on a plane to another country or taking a local flight for convenience, this list of 9 Airport Essentials is for you.

Flying can be a stressful time for many. Yes, it gives you the ability to travel to magical far-away places—but in the moment, it definitely takes many of us out of our comfort zones.

This is why I’ve used my recent experiences with flying to create this Airport Essentials list for you. It includes everything you should pack in your carry-on for a smooth trip and leaves out all of the extra.

First and foremost, you’ve got to have a trusty bag to carry all of your goods.

Backpacks are ideal because they are easy to keep organized and make for convenient transport while rolling your suitcase through the terminal.

I like the Afar Backpack by Eagle Creek for a couple of reasons. To name a few, it’s lightweight, made with water-repellant fabric, easy to secure with lockable zippers and has an interior padded lapotop compartment.

The second most-important item on my list is a water bottle. Remember, this has to be empty when passing through TSA but can be filled once youve gotten through to your gate.

Though most airlines will happily refill your reusable water bottle, after my flight to Ireland in which water was not included, I now pack two empty water bottles to fill in the terminal.

Going along the same theme, you should always pack food!

Even if you’re only headed out on a 2-hour flight, there’s no guarantee that the arrival and departure will be on time.

Pack a couple of snacks and maybe even a meal because its always good to have options!

Ah, everyones favorite part of flying—an excuse to binge watch your current show with absolutely no judgements.

Seriously though, you’re probably going to have a good chunk of downtime during your travels. That being said, bring a couple of options!

Before you leave home, pre-download media onto your device (whether that be a sitcom on Netflix, a rented movie, or your favorite audiobook).

It’s always a good idea to pack a good ol’-fasioned source of paper media too just in case your phone/tablet dies!

Remember those 4-hours of The Office you downloaded onto your tablet? Make sure you pack it! You’ll also definitely want a pair of headphones to go with it.

As for the paper entertainment we discussed, you’ll only need that if your devices die. So be sure to bring chargers and maybe even a portable battery.

To reach an ultimate comfort level on your flight and in the airport, invest in a travel pillow for only about $15.

I suggest purchasing one with a clasp so that it can be easily secured onto your backpack when not in use.

It may sound odd, but making sure to pack a lightweight scarf has become a necessity for my flying experience. Why? It can double as a blanket!

Get yourself a nice wide scarf that you can cozy up in when the plane gets too chilly or when it’s time for a nap. A cozy sweater is helpful here as well.

The view of the sunset skyline is pretty magical . . . that is until you remember that you don’t have control over the window shade across the aisle from you!

Sunglasses are great for blocking out those rays and can even come in handy when you’re trying to catch a few z’s.

Last but certainly not least on this list is a toiletry bag.

Yes, you should obviously pack the bulk of your hygiene products in your checked luggage. But, leave a couple necessities in a small pouch for easy access.

What I keep in my toiletry bag:

  • Tissues because you never know when you’re going to need to blow!
  • Ibuprofen to save your life when you’re suffering from a headache.
  • Floss to remedy any situations from the aforementioned snacks.
  • Lotion and lipbalm because the air can get pretty dry that high up in the sky.

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