5 Easy Dietary Changes To Make for a Healthier Life

So, you’re ready to make some healthy changes in your day-to-day routine but not the whole 180° flip. The best place to start is….your diet!

Fully embracing a healthy lifestyle is a BIG deal. At different times it can require patience, dedication, effort and even money.

But, as with everything, you’ve got to start somewhere.

These 5 easy dietary changes are nothing extreme yet they can result in drastic improvements like increased energy, mood and overall happiness.

There’s no excuse NOT to start living a healthier life because all you have to do is take a few small steps in the right direction.

Instead of drinking soda, juice and energy drinks opt for water.

When the body feels dehydrated, it seeks a quick quench to its thirst—AKA water.

Unlike water, sugary drinks cause blood sugar and energy levels to peak temporarily, only to crash within about 20 minutes1. At which point the body craves more sugar queuing the continuation of this vicious cycle.?

Water is a vital element of the body who’s responsible for toxin removal, the cushioning of the nervous system and so much more!

This one might sound simple; but with the hustle and bustle of a busy life, meal times are often scrambled or forgotten altogether!

Setting aside a half hour from your day to sit down and enjoy a tasty meal can work wonders for your health.

Mentally: you have peace of mind knowing that hey, you took care of yourself and gave your body what it needs to get through the busy day you have planned! Good job!

Physically: having actually eaten an entire meal your body should be satisfied and ready to conquer whatever is thrown your way! You’ll also avoid constant snacking throughout the day which usually leads to poor food choices.

When that mid-day hunger sets in, a packaged snack from the closest vending machine or convenience store can be so tempting. Resist the urge!

Packaged snacks are full of chemicals, added sugars and salts that ultimately do no good for you or your body.

Like the previously mentioned sugary drinks, a quick-fix packaged snack will only give you a short burst of energy before leaving you just as hungry as you were before.

Load your plate up with veggies!

Most vegetables are low in calories & fat, a great sources of precious vitamins and there are even some that are chocked full of fiber.

Due to their scarce sugar content, veggies also keep your blood-sugar level balanced, unlike fruit.

The last but equally important step toward a healthier life is to chew. No, this doesn’t focus on what you’re eating but how you’re eating.

Slowing down and actually chewing your food improves the body’s absorption of nutrients and overall digestion3.

This majorly overlooked aspect of the diet can make all the difference in your digestion and actually helps your body feel more full after a meal.

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